Giant hidradenocarcinoma: A report of malignant transformation from nodular hidradenoma

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A giant hidradenocarcinoma presented by a 75-year-old female is reported. The patient had a malignant transformation within a nodular hidradenoma involving the right postauricular area, which was treated by mass removal and a right radical neck dissection with a free-flap covering. Malignant hidradenocarcinoma is the least common adnexal tumor of uncertain origin. They are usually malignant from their inception, but some develop from a benign counterpart. To the authors' knowledge, only three cases have been reported previously. Two histologically distinct components were seen in this tumor: (i) typical nodular hidradenoma, which constituted a small part of the tumor; and (ii) carcinoma with areas of transition. The secretory cells of hidradenocarcinoma showed decapitation secretion on light and electron microscopic observations, which is evidence of apocrine differentiation. Histologically, this case was concluded as a hidradenocarcinoma arising from a long-standing nodular hidradenoma. A literature review is presented and the histological, immunohisto-chemical and ultrastructural features are described.

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