Dendritic fibromyxolipoma: A variant of spindle cell lipoma with extensive myxoid change, with cytogenetic evidence

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Dendritic fibromyxolipoma (DFML), a rare, recently described distinct benign soft tissue tumor, has many clinicopathological features reminiscent of spindle cell lipoma and solitary fibrous tumor with myxoid change. It is distinguished histologically from both entities by the presence of spindle and stellate cells with dendritic cytoplasmic prolongations, prominent myxoid stroma with abundant keloidal collagen and occasional small plexiform vascular proliferation. We describe a case of histologically confirmed DFML of the left shoulder in a 67-year-old male, in which subsequent cytogenetic analysis revealed deletion involving 13q14.3 region in all the tumor cells, typically detected in spindle cell lipoma. In the presence of many clinicopathological similarities between DFML and spindle cell lipoma including chromosomal abnormalities, we postulate that DFML is merely a rare variant of spindle cell lipoma with extensive myxoid degeneration, and may not be considered as a separate entity. The possible differential diagnosis and their distinguishing features are briefly discussed.

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