Desmoplastic cerebral astrocytoma of infancy intermingling with atypical glial cells

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Despite the rarity of desmoplastic cerebral astrocytoma of infancy (DCAI), it has distinct clinical and pathological features. The present case is a typical DCAI except for its detection and operational age and intermingling with pleomorphic glial cells. In this case, although a cystic lesion of the right temporal lobe was noticed when the patient was 6 months old, it was not regarded as a tumor and wasn't removed until he was 9 years old. It is quite unusual that a DCAI was able to exist in the cerebrum for 9 years. However, no metastasis occurred and distinct macroscopic and microscopic features of the tumor were not different from typical DCAI except for an intermingling with pleomorphic glial cells. Furthermore, even in the pleomorphic areas, the absence of necrosis and an MIB-1 index of 2.9% indicated non-aggressive growth. These features of the present case may provide additional information as to the character of DCAI, which generally has a favorable prognosis.

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