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Radiolabeled streptokinase can be used in the imaging of thrombi in many cardiovascular diseases. Streptokinase was successively labeled with [67Ga]-gallium chloride using cyclic DTPA-dianhydride followed by biodistribution studies in wild-type and thrombosis-induced mice using scarification and SPECT. The radiochemical purity if the tracer was checked using HPLC >95 and RTLC >99% followed by SDS-PAGE to check the protein integrity. The biodistribution studies were performed in normal (up to 167 h) and thrombosis-earing rats (2 h) using scarification and preliminary SPECT studies (up to 2 h). ID/g% and SPECT techniques demonstrated the specific binding of the tracer in the heart and aorta 2 h post-injection. The use of Ga-68 radiosiotope can lead to superior imaging results with respect to the fast accumulation of the tracer and 68Ga half-life (68 min).

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