Building Peace Through Postconflict Youth: An Exploratory Analysis of the Relationship Between Human Rights and Citizenship for Peruvian Adolescents

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Previous research has demonstrated that (re)building an active civic culture and support for human rights are prevalent goals in postconflict countries (Leidner & Li, 2015; Quaynor, 2012). This research report builds on previous work by exploring the relationship between youth attitudes about human rights and citizenship with a sample of 15-year-olds in Tacna, Peru. This work also extending postconflict research into an area of these countries that is often overlooked: regions that did not directly experience conflict. The investigation finds that human rights and civic attitudes are linked, particular with perceptions of democracy and social movements. These findings could provide a foundation to further test these relationships, and eventually to leverage such connections to build more effective educational supports for the development of human rights and civic values in these settings.

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