Contact Between Groups, Peace, and Conflict

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The 21st century has seen an exciting “new wave” of research on cross-group contact that is broader in scope, is more international, and offers new insights into what continue to be one of our world’s most pressing problems—reducing antipathy and conflict between groups. However, most contact research has not been conducted in contexts that face or have recently faced open hostility and violent conflict. This collection contributes to efforts to fill this gap. Together, the articles offer support for, but also important challenges to, conventional wisdom about cross-group contact, as well as introducing novel theoretical and practical integrations and suggestions for the way forward in this important research agenda. Included here are investigations of the predictors of willingness to engage in contact in conflict situations, the positive effects of contact in the aftermath of violent intergroup conflict, the important role played by conflict narratives in conflict and its reconciliation, and the relationship between contact and collective action in hostile intergroup contexts.

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