Duplication of CXC chemokine genes on chromosome 4q13 in a melanoma-prone family

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Copy number variations (CNVs) have been shown to contribute substantially to disease susceptibility in several inherited diseases including cancer. We conducted a genome-wide search for CNVs in blood-derived DNA from 79 individuals (62 melanoma patients and 17 spouse controls) of 30 high-risk melanoma-prone families without known segregating mutations using genome-wide comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) tiling arrays. We identified a duplicated region on chromosome 4q13 in germline DNA of all melanoma patients in a melanoma-prone family with three affected siblings. We confirmed the duplication using quantitative PCR and a custom-made CGH array design spanning the 4q13 region. The duplicated region contains 10 genes, most of which encode CXC chemokines. Among them,CXCL1(melanoma growth-stimulating activity α) andIL8(interleukin 8) have been shown to stimulate melanoma growthin vitroandin vivo.Our data suggest that the alteration of CXC chemokine genes may confer susceptibility to melanoma.

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