Endothelin-1 is a transcriptional target of p53 in epidermal keratinocytes and regulates ultraviolet-induced melanocyte homeostasis

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Keratinocytes contribute to melanocyte activity by influencing their microenvironment, in part, through secretion of paracrine factors. Here, we discovered that p53 directly regulatesEdn1expression in epidermal keratinocytes and controls UV-induced melanocyte homeostasis. Selective ablation of endothelin-1 (EDN1) in murine epidermis (EDN1ep−/−) does not alter melanocyte homeostasis in newborn skin but decreases dermal melanocytes in adult skin. Results showed that keratinocytic EDN1 in a non-cell autonomous manner controls melanocyte proliferation, migration, DNA damage, and apoptosis after ultraviolet B (UVB) irradiation. Expression of other keratinocyte-derived paracrine factors did not compensate for the loss of EDN1. Topical treatment with EDN1 receptor (EDNRB) antagonist BQ788 abrogated UV-induced melanocyte activation and recapitulated the phenotype seen in EDN1ep−/− mice. Altogether, the present studies establish an essential role of EDN1 in epidermal keratinocytes to mediate UV-induced melanocyte homeostasis in vivo.

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