A Review and Reevaluation of the Revised Transliminality Scale

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To facilitate continued research on the transliminality construct, we revisited Lange, Thalbourne, Houran, and Storm’s (2000) Revised Transliminality Scale (RTS) to examine its conceptual foundations and validity. Keyword searches in several academic databases revealed many multidisciplinary studies that collectively align with the idea that transliminality is related to syncretic cognitions involving unconscious-conscious processing. A psychometric check of the RTS (N = 577), similar to the original Rasch analyses, found that four questions had significant item drifts, suggesting that respondents’ interpretations of these items exhibited cultural dependency effects. However, these item drifts did not significantly bias the Rasch scoring scheme. Our review supports the RTS as a robust tool for use in consciousness studies, and particularly calls for new, more sophisticated research designs that explore the leading hypothesis that transliminality is best modeled in terms of neuroplasticity.

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