Quality of diabetes care in India, China, Brazil, Mexico and Russia

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Employing US national standards, baseline data for type 2 diabetes were collected in India, China, Brazil, Mexico and Russia prior to Staged Diabetes Management implementation.

In all, 5507 patients (India 2778, China 489, Brazil 1106, Mexico 925, and Russia 209) were evaluated. No site sample met the US standard for HbA1c or blood pressure. China, India and Mexico achieved criteria for LDL ≥ 130 mg/dL. Post-programme data from Russian sites showed significant improvement in HbA1c (p < 0.00001). In Brazil a trend toward improvement in blood pressure and blood glucose was also noted.

Assessing current diabetes care employing US national criteria can serve as a benchmark for interventions to improve diabetes care. Collecting follow-up data measures programme impact and identifies areas requiring further intervention. Copyright ©2009 John Wiley & Sons.

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