An Examination of the Factor Structure of the Elemental Psychopathy Assessment

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The Elemental Psychopathy Assessment (EPA) is a self-report measure designed to assess the basic elements of psychopathy from a Five-Factor Model perspective. Using two large undergraduate samples, the aim of the current study was to further validate this new measure by examining its factor structure and the relations of the factors with established psychopathy measures and externalizing behaviors (Sample 2 only). Exploratory factor analytic results were highly consistent across the two samples and generated a four-factor structure characterized by Antagonism, Emotional Stability, Disinhibition, and Narcissism. These factors converged as expected with factors from alternative self-report conceptualizations of psychopathy and externalizing behaviors. The EPA factors also provided incremental validity in the prediction of the alternative psychopathy measures and externalizing behaviors above and beyond the other psychopathy measures. The stable factor structure and relations with constructs relevant to the study of psychopathy provide further support for the EPA as a stand-alone, comprehensive assessment of psychopathic personality.

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