Psychology and Human Rights: Introduction to the Special Issue
Culture, Individual Differences, and Support for Human Rights: A General Review
Equality Hypocrisy, Inconsistency, and Prejudice: The Unequal Application of the Universal Human Right to Equality
Human Rights: The Role of Psychological Sense of Global Community
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Engaging Moral Agency for Human Rights: Outlooks From the Global South
Counter Narratives, the Psychology of Liberation, and the Evolution of a Women’s Social Movement in Nicaragua
How to (Re)Build Human Rights Consciousness and Behavior in Postconflict Societies: An Integrative Literature Review and Framework for Past and Future Research
A Social Psychology of Human Rights Rooted in Asymmetric Intergroup Relations
Call for Papers: Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology Special Issue for August 2015 on: Sex Differences in Drug Abuse: Etiology and Implications for Prevention and Treatment
Searching for Puzzle Pieces: How (Social) Psychology Can Help Inform Human Rights Policy