Engineered cytidine triphosphate synthetase with reduced product inhibition

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Cytidine triphosphate (CTP) synthetase (CTPS) (EC number is a key enzyme involved inde novosynthesis of CTP. It catalyzes the rate-limiting step of the process due to the product inhibition effects on the enzyme. In this study, a novel CTPS fromCorynebacterium glutamicumATCC 13032 (CgCTPS) was cloned, expressed and characterized. A series of mutagenesis in its N-terminal ammonia ligase (ALase) domain was performed in order to reduce CTP product inhibition. All single mutation variants (D160E, E162A, E168K) lowered product inhibition by lowering the enzyme's binding affinity for CTP. The homology model of CgCTPS showed that D160E mutant caused steric hindrance for the pyrimidine ring of CTP stacking, E162A disrupted the hydrogen bond between CTP ribose and side chain and D168K caused minor localized structure perturbations of CTP binding pocket. The triple mutant of CTPS (D160E-E162A-E168K) with halvedKm, doubledVmax and the 23.5-fold increased IC50 for CTP shows a potential for use in industrial-scale CTP production by its better performance in enzyme kinetics and product inhibition.

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