Solid pseudopapillary and malignant pancreatic tumors in childhood: A systematic review and evidence quality assessment

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A systematic review of 32 studies reporting on 489 children with pancreatic tumors was performed. The most prevalent histologic subtype was solid pseudopapillary tumor (SPT) (61.3%). Pancreaticoduodenectomy was the most commonly performed operation (48%). Neoadjuvant chemo/radiotherapy was utilized in 3.9, 36.2, 25, and 27.8% of patients with SPTs, pancreatoblastomas (PBLs), neuroendocrine tumors, and exocrine carcinomas, respectively. Adjuvant chemotherapy (75.6%) and radiation (34%) were most commonly utilized in PBLs. All-cause mortality was highest in exocrine carcinomas (50%). Overall, 98.8% of patients with SPTs survived. PBL exhibited the highest recurrence rate (14.7%) within a mean of 23.5 months.

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