Molecular profile of inflammatory and megakaryocytic factors in pediatric myelodysplastic syndrome with acute myelofibrosis

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Pediatric fibrotic myelodysplastic syndromes (ped-MDS-MF) and pediatric primary myelofibrosis (ped-PMF) are rare, and the molecular changes which mediate fibrosis have never been investigated. Histology and gene expression profile of 119 fibrosis/angiogenesis/inflammation/megakaryopoiesis-related factors in bone marrow biopsies were performed (two ped-MDS-MF and one ped-PMF). In one progressive ped-MDS, comparison of MF grade 0 (no myelofibrosis) and MF grade 2 (dense network of reticulin fibres) after 4 months showed that expression of fibrosis-related transcripts increased and dysplastic megakaryocytes formed a dense net of CD42b+ proplatelets. These changes were not observed in another ped-MDS-MF, whereas ped-PMF showed a similar proplatelet pattern. These findings indicate that fibrotic changes in ped-MDS may involve proplatelet-related and unrelated pathways.

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