Child Protection and Allergy
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Influence of Bacillus Calmette-Guèrin vaccination at birth and 2 months old age on the peripheral blood T-cell subpopulations [gamma/delta (γδ) and alpha-beta (αβ) T cell],
Hospital admission with neonatal sepsis and development of atopic disease
Antibody levels to Bordetella pertussis in 10-yr-old children with atopy and atopic asthma
Feeding a soy formula to children with cow's milk allergy
Comparison of the allergenicity of Actinidia deliciosa (kiwi fruit) and Actinidia chinensis (gold kiwi)
Exercise-induced bronchoconstriction in children with atopic eczema
Occupational asthma in apprentice adolescent car painters
School-based asthma surveillance
Etiology of atopy in infancy
Anterior chest wall protrusion as initial presentation of chronic granulomatous disease