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Practical approach to nutrition and dietary intervention in pediatric food allergy
Why do few food-allergic adolescents treat anaphylaxis with adrenaline? – reviewing a pressing issue
Association of atopic and non-atopic asthma with emotional symptoms in school children
Prednisolone reduces recurrent wheezing after first rhinovirus wheeze: a 7-year follow-up
Sensitization to Malassezia in children with atopic dermatitis combined with food allergy
The role of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in SP110 associated veno-occlusive disease with immunodeficiency syndrome
Variable presentation of primary immune deficiency: Two cases with CD3 gamma deficiency presenting with only autoimmunity
Dehydrated egg white: An allergen source for improving efficacy and safety in the diagnosis and treatment for egg allergy
Characterization of the sensitization profile to lupin in peanut-allergic children and assessment of cross-reactivity risk
Predicting positive food challenges in children sensitised to peanuts/tree nuts
New validated recipes for double-blind placebo-controlled low-dose food challenges
Validation of the Paediatric Food Allergy Quality of Life Questionnaire (PFA-QL)
The combined effects of family size and farm exposure on childhood hay fever and atopy
Phenobarbital-induced severe cutaneous adverse drug reactions are associated with CYP2C19*2 in Thai children
Health-related quality of life does not mediate the protective effect of farming on asthma and allergic disease