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The role of hydrolysates for allergy prevention – pro
The role of hydrolysates for atopy prevention – con
Prevalence of IgE sensitization in Danish children with suspected asthma
Exposure to home and school environmental triggers and asthma morbidity in Chicago inner-city children
Pollen-induced allergic rhinitis in 1360 Italian children: Comorbidities and determinants of severity
Modulation of mucosal/systemic antibody response after sublingual immunotherapy in mite-allergic children
Antibiotic exposure in the first two years of life and development of asthma and other allergic diseases by 7.5 yr: A dose-dependent relationship
Breastfeeding and wheeze prevalence in pre-schoolers and pre-adolescents: the Genesis and Healthy Growth studies
The association of preterm birth with severe asthma and atopic dermatitis: a national cohort study
Early life IgE responses in children living in the tropics: A prospective analysis
Impact of suspected food allergy on emotional distress and family life of parents prior to allergy diagnosis
‘Out of the mouth of babes’ – Lessons in immunology