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Non‐IgE‐mediated gastrointestinal food allergies in children
Allergen immunotherapy for the prevention of allergy : A systematic review and meta‐analysis
Is there a march from early food sensitization to later childhood allergic airway disease? Results from two prospective birth cohort studies
Is kiwifruit allergy a matter in kiwifruit‐cultivating regions? A population‐based study
Association between preschool eczema and medication for attention‐deficit/hyperactivity disorder in school age
Attention : this is one itchy problem!
Enhanced T helper 1 and 2 cytokine responses at birth associate with lower risk of middle ear infections in infancy
The European Survey on Adverse Systemic Reactions in Allergen Immunotherapy (EASSI) : A paediatric assessment
Real‐life safety of allergen immunotherapy in children and adolescents
Identification of fungal candidates for asthma protection in a large population‐based study
A longitudinal assessment of circulating YKL‐40 levels in preschool children with wheeze
Perceived exercise limitation in asthma : The role of disease severity, overweight, and physical activity in children†
Evaluation of vaccination safety in children with mastocytosis
Induction of tolerance to different types of fish through desensitization with hake
Local chemokine profiling in eosinophilic esophagitis : The synthetic absorptive matrix test
RHINASTHMA‐Children : A new quality of life tool for patients with respiratory allergy
Drug‐induced enterocolitis syndrome by amoxicillin
Reviewers for Pediatric Allergy and Immunology in 2016