Anesthetic-induced neurotoxicity of the neonate: time for clinical guidelines?
Evaluation of intraoperative memory and postoperative behavior in children: are we really measuring what we intend to measure?
Long-term posttraumatic effects of intraoperative awareness in children
Anesthetic-specific electroencephalographic patterns during emergence from sevoflurane and isoflurane in infants and children
Sevoflurane modulation of Ca2+ regulation in skeletal muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum vesicles from young and mature rabbits
Effects of dexmedetomidine sedation on the EEG in children
School-aged children's experiences of postoperative music medicine on pain, distress, and anxiety
Anesthesia for children with hyperleukocytosis a retrospective review
Ultrasound guided internal jugular vein access in children and infant: A meta-analysis of published studies
Alveolar recruitment strategy and PEEP improve oxygenation, dynamic compliance of respiratory system and end-expiratory lung volume in pediatric patients undergoing cardiac surgery for congenital heart disease
An acute pain service improves postoperative pain management for children undergoing selective dorsal rhizotomy
Presurgical fentanyl vs caudal block and the incidence of adverse respiratory events in children after orchidopexy
Reversal of rocuronium-induced profound neuromuscular block by sugammadex in Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Utility of ultrasound in needle placement for caudal blocks in children : First prize
Percutaneous catheter interventions for complications to long term venous access : Second prize
Analysis of current practices of propofol sedation on picu compared with current evidence
The EEG during awakening from anaesthesia in infants
Lung recruitment manoeuvre and PEEP decreases shunting and improves oxygenation, lung compliance and end expiratory lung volume in mechanically ventilated children with normal lungs
Anesthetic management of infants with hypoplastic left heart syndrome undergoing hybrid procedures for stage I palliation
How are our patients at home - an audit of regional anaesthesia and follow up in day case surgery
Fewer tears: an audit cycle of pain after paediatric day case surgery
Human factors on the cutting edge: an observational study of pediatric cardiac surgery
Advantages of the ultrasound-guided techniques for placement of central venous catheters in paediatric patients. Learning curve of the use of ultrasounds
Age-specific web-based information to prepare children and parents for anaesthesia and surgery
Improving communications for children with special needs in hospital - an anaesthetic perspective
Audiovisual aid moderates the existing relationship between parents' and children's anxiety just prior to anaesthesia
Change of paradigm in ventilation. Experiences with nava-ventilation in phrenic nerve injury
Reducing bias in outcome measures
Ultrasound-guided transversus abdominis plane block for reversal of ileostomy in a 2-kg premature neonate
Performing US-guided nerve blocks in the postanesthesia care unit (PACU) for upper extremity fractures: is this feasible in children?
Changing an oral endotracheal tube to a nasal tube in Pierre–Robin sequence
Gas flow in the upper airway: turbulent or laminar?
Pediatric airway bleeding: is rapid-sequence airway control mandatory?
A lost art: casualty of deep tracheal extubation
A variation on the modified LMA for fiberoptic intubation
Comparison of the intubation with the Storz video laryngoscope and standard direct laryngoscopy in pediatric patients
‘Use of winged laryngoscope blade for endotracheal intubation in a cleft lip child’– a case series
Potential hazard of endotracheal tube ISO connector
A cost-effective alternative to wire-guided endobronchial blocker for lung isolation in children
Larsen syndrome and malignant hyperthermia
Early transfusion and crystalloid infusion strategy in infants undergoing cranioplasty surgery
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