Isolated extracranial recurrence of anaplastic ependymoma

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Anaplastic ependymoma is a malignant glial tumor thought to arise from radial glial cells of the ventricular zone. Because ependymoma is frequently encountered within ventricular spaces, they are prone to leptomeningeal dissemination. Metastatic extracranial ependymoma has been reported, but in the context of progressive intracranial disease. We report on a boy who developed isolated extracranial recurrence of his anaplastic ependymoma, initially at the scalp and later metastases to cervical lymph nodes. The location of tumor recurrence proximate to the surgical site suggested surgical seeding. This case demonstrates an unusual site of recurrence of anaplastic ependymoma and highlights a previously underappreciated surgical complication. Pediatr Blood Cancer 2011;56:317-318. © 2010 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

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