Successful Liver Transplantation in an Infant With Stage 4S(M) Neuroblastoma

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We report a 2.5-month-old infant with bilateral adrenal neuroblastoma, stage 4S(M), with liver metastases and chemotherapy-induced veno-occlusive disease leading to cirrhosis requiring liver transplantation. Despite unknown tumour histology and MYCN-amplification status, we proceeded with liver transplant. This decision was based on clinical suspicion that our patient was MYCN-negative due to significant tumour regression, and was supported by evidence indicating that MYCN-amplification is rare in infants with favourable-stage neuroblastoma. This is the second case report of neuroblastoma requiring liver transplantation; however, in the previously reported case, the diagnosis of neuroblastoma was not established until after transplantation. We discuss this unique case to justify the potential use of life-saving liver transplants in infants with neuroblastoma. Pediatr Blood Cancer 2013; 60: 515–517. © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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