The role of bacterial antigen detection tests in the diagnosis of bacterial meningitis
The utility of autopsies in a pediatric emergency department
Pediatric emergency department walk-outs
Utilization of a pediatric emergency department by patients with sickle cell disease
Child abuse presenting as a thoracolumbar spinal fracture dislocation: A case report
Beta-agonist inhaler causing hallucinations
Increased intracranial pressure after fentanyl administration in a child with closed head trauma
Isopropyl alcohol intoxication in a neonate through chronic dermal exposure: A complication of a culturally-based umbilical care practice
Effective management of complaints in the emergency department
Burn injuries among children in an urban emergency department
Pediatric emergency training: An alternative teaching-patient care model
A two-month-old infant with tachycardia
Painful and swollen wrist
The use of autotransfusion in pediatric chest trauma
To file or not to file
Case 02-1994: A tall, thin 15-year-old male with chest pain
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Programs
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