Tuberculosis in a day-care center, Kentucky, 1993

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In November, 1993, a 33-month-old child in a day-care center was diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB). To identify her source of infection, close contacts, other day-care children and staff were screened by tuberculin skin test (TST). TB registry and medical/laboratory records were reviewed. The only 2 community TB cases reported in the past 3 years were investigated. Of 164 children 2 were diagnosed with TB; their TSTs were ≥10 mm but no specimens were obtained. Six children had TSTs ≥5 mm. Of these 4 had TST conversions between December, 1993, and March, 1994. There were no additional positive TST children in June, 1994. No TB case was identified among staff or parents. A possible epidemiologic link with the index case was found for 1 community case. No source of infection was found for the other children. Possible explanations for not finding a source are: an as yet unidentified case in the day care center or community; or false positive TST results in children related to low community prevalence of TB infection.

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