Community-Wide Vaccination with the Heptavalent Pneumococcal Conjugate Significantly Alters the Microbiology of Acute Otitis Media

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Background:Community-wide use of conjugated heptavalent pneumococcal vaccine (PCV7) in children <2 years of age could affect the microbiology of acute otitis media (AOM) in vaccinees, particularly for penicillin-nonsusceptible Streptococcus pneumoniae (PNSP).Setting:Since Summer 2000, 94% of young children cared for by this 7-clinician, pediatric practice in rural central Kentucky received 3 or 4 doses of PCV7 in the first 18 months of life.Objective:To determine changes in microbiology of AOM before and after community-wide routine implementation of PCV7.Methods:Among children 7–24 months old with severe or refractory AOM, we compared 336 AOM isolates from 1992–1998 with 83 AOM isolates from 2000–2003 in children who had received 3 or 4 doses of PCV7.Results:Comparing each cohort (1992–1998 versus 2000–2003), the proportion of S. pneumoniae decreased from 48% to 31% (P = 0.009; relative risk, 0.754; 95% confidence interval, 0.628–0.906), and nontypable Haemophilus influenzae increased from 41% to 56% (P = 0.01; relative risk, 1.87; 95% confidence interval, 1.15–3.04; β-lactamase-positive, 56% versus 64%, not significant). The proportions of intermediate PNSP and resistant PNSP, respectively, were 16% and 9% versus 13% and 6% pre- and post-PCV7, respectively. Vaccine and vaccine-related serotypes, respectively, comprised 70% and 8% versus 36% and 32% of S. pneumoniae strains (P = 0.003). Post-PCV7, Gram-negative bacteria and β-lactamase-producing organisms accounted for two-thirds and one-half of all AOM isolates, respectively.Discussion:The overall proportion of S. pneumoniae isolates and vaccine serotypes in AOM were significantly reduced by community-wide use of PCV7 vaccine in our practice. The proportion of Gram-negative bacteria became 2-fold more frequent than S. pneumoniae in AOM in PCV7-vaccinated young children where PCV7 uptake was community-wide and supply was adequate.

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