Primary hyperoxaluria type 1 : is genotyping clinically helpful?
A mechanistic approach to inherited polycystic kidney disease
Suppressors of cytokine signaling in health and disease
Recurrent URAT1 gene mutations and prevalence of renal hypouricemia in Japanese
Long-term renal follow-up of extremely low birth weight infants
Long-term follow-up of diffuse membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis type I
Cyclosporine A monitoring - how to account for twice and three times daily dosing
Serum and urine leptin concentration in children with nephrotic syndrome
Changing trends in the referral patterns of pediatric nephrology patients
Factors affecting spontaneous resolution of hematuria in childhood nutcracker syndrome
Renal involvement in Down syndrome
Growth hormone for children with chronic renal failure and on dialysis
Intravenous calcitriol for treatment of hyperparathyroidism in children on hemodialysis
Efficacy and safety of prolonged amlodipine treatment in hypertensive children
A machine for haemodialysing very small infants
Chronic peritoneal dialysis in Turkish children : a multicenter study
Hypocitraturia as a risk factor for nephrocalcinosis after kidney transplantation
The use of cyclosporine in a boy with a prior episode of posterior encephalopathy
IgA deficiency and membranous glomerulonephritis presenting as nephrotic syndrome
Pulmonary thrombosis in steroid-sensitive nephrotic syndrome
Neonatal renovascular hypertension due to prenatal traumatic retroperitoneal hematoma
Mitral annular calcification and brown tumor of the rib in a child with chronic renal failure
Renal cysts and nephrocalcinosis in a patient with Bartter syndrome type III
Precursor B-cell lymphoblastic leukemia as a cause of a bilateral nephromegaly
Icodextrin re-absorption varies with age in children on automated peritoneal dialysis
Sirolimus rescue of renal failure in children after combined liver-kidney transplantation
Nephrectomy for multicystic dysplastic kidneys : a new therapeutic option
Blood pressure in the long-term follow-up of children with haemolytic uremic syndrome
Hypocomplementaemia and septicaemia
A girl with microscopic polyangiitis : an unexpected clinical course with long-term follow-up
Thomas J.A. Lehman : It's not just growing pains: a guide to childhood muscle, bone, and joint pain, rheumatic diseases, and the latest treatments
Shraga Blazer and Etan Z. Zimmer : The embryo: scientific discovery and medical ethics
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May 2005