Tablet and Inhaled Controller Medication Refill Frequencies in Children With Asthma
Role-Governed Behaviors of Stepfathers in Families With a Child With Chronic Illness
The Effects of Perinatal Morbidity and Environmental Factors on Health Status of Preterm Children at Age 12
Parental Perceptions of Their Child's Overweight
What Do Sexually Active Adolescent Females Say About Relationship Issues?
Pediatric Chronic Pain and Health-Related Quality of Life
The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act Helps Us All
Parents as Their Infant's Primary Caregivers in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
The Evolution of Family-Centered Care
“PICO de Practice” An Easy Interactive Method to Learn the PICO Format for Clinical Questions
Staying aFLOAT: Increasing Staff Satisfaction When Temporarily Reassigned
Electronic Health Record: Improving Patient Safety
Student Relations: Improving Recruitment and Retention
Pain Assessment in Cognitively Impaired Children: A Randomized Trial of Two Methods of Pain Assessment
Embracing the Future of Pediatric Nursing: Impacting the Turnover Rate of New Graduate Nurses
Connecting the Puzzle for Patient Safety
Creation of an Evidence-Based Practice Web-Based Educational Module
Evaluation of the Development of Nursing Shared Governance in a Pediatric Hospital
Practice What You Preach: Consistency in Health Messages
Nursing Considerations for Patients Undergoing Gated Cardiac Computerized Tomography
The Building Blocks of Professional Pediatric Nursing Practice
Children's Hospital Boston at Waltham Making Specialized Care Accessible to the Community in an Inpatient Satellite Setting
Families of Children who are Technology Dependent
We Know It Works; We Know You Need It; Now How Do You Get It? An Outpatient Clinic Synagis Administration Program
Leadership Development: Identifying Talents/Building on Strengths During the First Year of Employment
Repeat Back to Me: A Program to Improve Understanding
Validation of a Pediatric Opioid/Benzodiazepine Weaning Tool
“Moving up the Clinical Ladder”: Clinical Advancement Facilitation Process on 10NW
The Nurse's Role in Monitoring Pediatric Medical Patients Using Pulse Oximetry
An Evidence-Based Practice Review of Diaper Dermatitis
All in a Day's Play
The Effects of the Burkeria Dolosa Outbreak
Collaboration? TCH, We Have a Solution…
The Case Manager and the Hemophilia Patient
Impact of the Claude Moore Precious Time Program on Attitudes of BSN Nursing Students Toward People With Disabilities
Making the Most of a Unique Pediatric Clinical Site
“Third World” Nursing
Patient Safety Within an Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Suite
Gathering the Evidence for Gastrostomy Site Care
Improving Peripheral IV Safety by Maximizing Ability to Assess and Secure Lines
Embracing the Child With Newly Diagnosed Diabetes: Finding the Rhythm of Quality, Safety, and Satisfaction
Nursing Conference Room Educational Kiosk: A Staff Education Initiative
An Evidence-Based Review of Current Educational Strategies for the Novice Nurse
An Evidence-Based Review of Standards for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Education Programs for Patients and Families
An Evidence-Based, Patient-Centered Model to Increase Influenza Vaccination Rates in Health Care Workers
The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Adventure
Successful Implementation of a Consult Triage Nurse Role in a Pediatric Hospital-Based Day Surgery Unit
The Institution of a Daily Goals Checklist in the Pediatric Critical Care Unit
The Immunization Fair: A Self-Guided Educational Activity
Standardizing Communication for Nurses in an Environment of Rapid Change
Standardizing the Role of the Certified Nursing Assistant
Transitioning Primary Responsibility for Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy from Dialysis Staff to Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Staff
Mentoring: Cultivating and Supporting Diversity in Nursing
Speak Up! Your Child's Safety is Everyone's Concern
Ask the Expert: Family Inclusion in Rounds
What to Expect? ˜ Putting the Family First
Development of the Parental Self-efficacy Scale for the Child's Autonomy Toward Minor Surgery
Sharing Evidence-Based Practice With Today's Families
Tracheostomy Competency
Critical Care Staffing: Interviewing for Success
Implementation of Time Changes for Scheduled Nursing Assessments: Impact on Clinical Decisions and Patient Discharge
Partnership between Families of Children With Special Needs and Nursing Students-Claude Moore Precious Time Program