Guided Growth for Angular Correction
Multiplanar Deformity Analysis of Untreated Blount Disease
Tibial Aplasia-Hypoplasia and Ectrodactyly in Monozygotic Twins With a Discordant Phenotype
Professional Opinion Concerning the Effectiveness of Bracing Relative to Observation in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
Early Experience With Fluorine-18 Sodium Fluoride Bone PET in Young Patients With Back Pain
Oxygen Cost Versus a 1-Minute Walk Test in a Population of Children With Bilateral Spastic Cerebral Palsy
Use of a Dynamic Foot Pressure Index to Monitor the Effects of Treatment for Equinus Gait in Children With Cerebral Palsy
Advanced Skeletal Maturity in Ambulatory Cerebral Palsy Patients
Femur Fracture in Preschool Children
Osteochondral Flap Fracture of the Olecranon in a Child
Cyst Index
Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Identifies Compartment Syndrome in an Infant
Biomechanical Stability of Bioabsorbable Screws for Fixation of Acetabular Osteotomies
Screw Head Impingement After In Situ Fixation in Moderate and Severe Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis
Unique Case of Polydactyly and A New Classification System
Wound Complications From Idiopathic Clubfoot Surgery
Abnormal Scarring With Keloid Formation After Osteochondroma Excision in Children With Multiple Hereditary Exostoses
Angular Measurement Error Due to Different Measuring Devices
Use of Plain Radiography to Optimize Skeletal Outcomes in Children With Type 1 Gaucher Disease in Brazil
Central Physeal Arrests as a Manifestation of Hypervitaminosis A
Growing Rod Techniques in Early-Onset Scoliosis
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Staying Out of Trouble in Pediatric Orthopaedics