Self-Regulation Predictors of Medication Adherence Among Ethnically Different Pediatric Patients With Renal Transplants
Psychosocial Adaptation of Middle Childhood Boys With Hypospadias After Genital Surgery
Emotional Outcome of Adolescents and Young Adults With Early and Continuously Treated Phenylketonuria
A Peer Group Intervention for Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes and Their Best Friends
Mental Health Aspects of Emergency Medical Services for Children: Summary of a Consensus Conference
The Relationship Between Periventricular Brain Injury and Deficits in Visual Processing Among Extremely-Low-Birthweight (<1000 g) Children
Reliability and Validity of the Brief Behavioral Distress Scale: A Measure of Children's Distress During Invasive Medical Procedures
Review: Psychosocial Well-Being of Parents and Their Children Born After Assisted Reproduction
Ad Hoc Reviewers 2001