Brief Report: Cross-Cultural Replication of an Anomalous Psychometric Pattern in Children With Type 1 Diabetes

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Objective:To replicate an anomalous psychometric profile previously documented in children with Type 1 diabetes living in the mainland United States with a cross-cultural sample selected from Puerto Rico.Methods:Ninety-three Spanish-speaking children (M age=12.8 years) with Type 1 diabetes living in Puerto Rico were administered the Puerto Rican version of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised (WISC-R). The factor structure of the Puerto Rican sample's WISC-R was then compared to that of a United States sample (n=95) in which an anomalous factor structure in children with diabetes was first documented.Results:As in the United States sample, a four-factor IQ structure was obtained. Instead of the traditional three-factor structure of the WISC-R, the Perceptual Organization factor split into a Spatial Conceptual factor and an anomalous Visual Discrimination factor.

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