Clinical Trials in theJournal of Pediatric Psychology: Applying the CONSORT Statement

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Objective:To determine how well therapeutic randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology (JPP) met the CONSORT criteria as compared to pediatric trials in the Journal of Clinical and Consulting Psychology (JCCP), which served as a control.Methods:Nine trials were found in JPP and 19 clinical trials were retrieved from JCCP. The modified Consort Checklist and Flow Chart was applied to each trial by two unblinded independent raters.Results:The number of CONSORT items not reported between the two journals was strikingly similar. One half (11/22) of the CONSORT items were reported less than 25% of the time. Information provided on the flow of participants in the trials was similar across the two journals; however, JCCP more often reported on those assessed to be eligible overall, χ2=5.241, p < .05. JPP reported on recruitment 33.3% of the time, while it was not reported at all in JCCP, χ2=7.093, p < .05.

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