Child versus Parent Report of Parental Influences on Children's Weight-related Attitudes and Behaviors

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ObjectiveTo compare parent and child report of parental weight-related behaviors and examine their respective associations with child's weight-related outcomes.MethodsSeventy-three parent–child dyads completed self-administered surveys that assessed parent and child report of parental direct weight-related behaviors (comments to child about weight, encourage child to diet) and indirect behaviors (dieting, comments about own weight/appearance). Outcome variables included child's body dissatisfaction, weight concerns, and dieting.ResultsConsiderable disagreement (21–30%) was found between parent and child report of parental weight-related behaviors. Both the parent and child report of direct parental behaviors were associated with child's outcomes. Child report of parental indirect behaviors was more consistently associated with child's outcomes than parent report.ConclusionParent weight-related behaviors, both direct and indirect, are positively associated with child's weight-related attitudes and behaviors.

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