The Anger Expression Scale for Children: Initial Validation among Healthy Children and Children with Cancer

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ObjectiveTo evaluate the proposed structure of the Anger Expression Scale for Children (AESC) in samples of healthy children and those with cancer, and to examine correlations between AESC subscales and other indicators of anger and hostility.MethodA total of 803 children from two independent studies of healthy and ill children (mean age=12.7, SD=3.1) completed the AESC and other measures of anger expression and hostility, and a sub-sample of 298 of their parents completed measures of anger expression and hostility.ResultsResults provided initial support for the proposed four-factor model of the AESC (Trait Anger, Anger Expression, Anger In, and Anger Control). Measurement invariance was established across groups using a series of nested tests. Correlations between AESC subscales and parent- and child-reported indices of anger, hostility, and aggression support the convergent validity of the scales.ConclusionsAnalyses supported the construct validity of the AESC and generalization of the factor structure across healthy and chronically ill children.

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