Pioneers in Pediatric Psychology : Personal Reflections for the Young Professional
Impulse Control, Diabetes-Specific Self-Efficacy, and Diabetes Management Among Emerging Adults With Type 1 Diabetes
Internalizing Symptoms and Functional Disability in Children With Noncardiac Chest Pain and Innocent Heart Murmurs
Toddlers’ Unintentional Injuries : The Role of Maternal-Reported Paternal and Maternal Supervision*
Cardiovascular and Behavioral Response to Auditory Stimuli in Boys With Fragile X Syndrome
Preadolescent Temperament and Risky Behavior : Bicycling Across Traffic-Filled Intersections in a Virtual Environment
Externalizing Problems in Late Childhood as a Function of Prenatal Cocaine Exposure and Environmental Risk
Behavioral Functioning in Youth With Inflammatory Bowel Disease : Perceived Barriers as Mediator of Medication Adherence
Effects of Parenting Style and Parent-Related Weight and Diet on Adolescent Weight Status
Case Study : Videogame Distraction Reduces Behavioral Distress in a Preschool-Aged Child Undergoing Repeated Burn Dressing Changes
“You Have to Listen to Me Because I’m in Charge” : Explicit Instruction Improves the Supervision Practices of Older Siblings
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Journal of Pediatric Psychology : Volume 38, Number 3 • April 2013