Evidence-Based Assessment of Childhood Injuries and Physical Risk-Taking Behaviors

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Objective To offer a critical evidence-based review and summary of assessment methods of childhood injuries and physical risk-taking behaviors. Methods A literature review was conducted to identify methodologies for assessing injury events and physical risk-taking behaviors. Methodologies reviewed included self- or parent-report scales, behavioral observations, and participant event monitoring. We classified methodologies according to published criteria of “well-established,” “approaching well-established,” or “promising.” Results 7 methodologies were classified as “well-established”, 9 were classified as “approaching well-established”, and 8 were classified as “promising.” Conclusions Several approaches to assessing injuries or physical risk-taking behaviors have strong psychometric properties. Opportunities for further psychometric validation of techniques are noted. It is hoped that this review inspires researchers throughout the fields of pediatric and clinical child psychology to adopt assessments of injury and physical risk-taking in their ongoing research efforts.

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