Growth and Development of the Thyroidectomized Ovine Fetus
fibrin-stabilizing Factor (Factor XIII) in the Fetus and the Newborn Infant
Effects of Positive Pressure Ventilation on Intrarenal Blood Flow in Infant Primates
Transfer across Perfused Human Placenta. III. Effect of Chain Length on Transfer of Free Fatty Acids
Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue and Lipids in Blood in Growth Hormone Deficiency before and after Treatment with Human Growth Hormone
Some Immunologic Considerations in Focal Scleroderma and Progressive Systemic Sclerosis in Children
Thermoregulation of Phenylketonuric Children
Radioimmunologic Measurements of Naturally Occurring Antibodies. III. Antibodies Reactive with Escherichia coli or Bacteroides fragilis in Breast Fluids and Sera of Mothers and Newborn Infants