Quadrivalent Human Vaccine-A Call to Action and for Additional Research
Impact of Nutrition on Phenotype in CFTR-deficient Mice
Inhibition of Milk Ingestion and Growth After Administration of a Neutral Cannabinoid CB1 Receptor Antagonist on the First Postnatal Day in the Mouse
Bile Salt–Stimulated Lipase and Pancreatic Lipase-Related Protein 2 Are the Dominating Lipases in Neonatal Fat Digestion in Mice and Rats
Butyrate Regulates the Expression of Pathogen-Triggered IL-8 in Intestinal Epithelia
Postnatal Development of Monocyte Cytokine Responses to Bacterial Lipopolysaccharide
Retinoic Acid Fails to Reverse Oligohydramnios-Induced Pulmonary Hypoplasia in Fetal Rats
Resuscitation of Hypoxic Newborn Piglets With Oxygen Induces a Dose-Dependent Increase in Markers of Oxidation
Recovery of Exfoliated Cells From the Gastrointestinal Tract of Premature Infants: A New Tool to Perform “Noninvasive Biopsies?”
Hydrocortisone and Indomethacin Negatively Modulate EGF-R Signaling in Human Fetal Intestine
Cytotoxicity Is Predicted by Unbound and Not Total Bilirubin Concentration
Frequency Domain Analyses of Neonatal Flash VEP
Prenatal Stress and Mixed-Handedness
Ventilatory Response to a Hyperoxic Test Is Related to the Frequency of Short Apneic Episodes in Late Preterm Neonates
Monocyte mRNA Phenotype and Adverse Outcomes From Pediatric Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome
Transient Inhibition of Astrocytogenesis in Developing Mouse Brain Following Postnatal Caffeine Exposure
The Extent to Which Genotype Information May Add to the Prediction of Disturbed Perinatal Adaptation: None, Minor, or Major?
Effect of the Ala12 Allele in the PPARγ-2 Gene on the Relationship Between Birth Weight and Body Composition in Adolescents: The AVENA Study
Acid Gastroesophageal Reflux in Convalescent Preterm Infants: Effect of Posture and Relationship to Apnea
Lower Insulin Secretory Response to Glucose Induced by Artificial Nutrition in Children: Prolonged and Total Parenteral Nutrition
Evaluation of Fetal and Maternal Genetic Variation in the Progesterone Receptor Gene for Contributions to Preterm Birth
Associations of Birth Size, Gestational Age, and Adult Size with Intellectual Performance: Evidence From a Cohort of Norwegian Men