Antenatal ultrasound visualization of left testis that then vanished after birth

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A 10-month-old infant was referred for disappearance of the left testis, which had been confirmed as present on antenatal ultrasound at 38 weeks of gestation, as well as at the newborn physical exam and the 4 month exam. The right testis was enlarged, whereas the left testis was palpated as a nubbin. The right testis measured on ultrasound was 1.6 × 0.8 × 1.0 cm; the testicular volume was 0.67 cm3. The left nubbin was hyperechoic, and accurate measurement of testicular components was difficult. At the age of 1 year 8 months, with the diagnosis of left vanishing testis, inguinal exploration was undertaken to rule out intra-abdominal cryptorchidism. A fibrous nodule that connected to the spermatic vessels and the vas deferens was resected. Histopathology indicated a testicular remnant containing seminiferous tubules, hemosiderin deposits, calcification and marked fibrosis of the stroma, suggesting hemorrhagic infarction in utero.

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