Efficacy of micafungin in pediatric immunocompromised patients with invasive fungal infection

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Background:Micafungin, an antifungal echinocandin, has been indicated for pediatric patients with invasive fungal infection (IFI) in Japan and Europe. Its efficacy in immunocompromised pediatric patients with IFI, however, has not been fully investigated.Methods:The safety and efficacy of micafungin as an antifungal therapy were analyzed in nine consecutive severe immunocompromised patients with IFI.Results:Three patients with proven or probable Candida infections had complete response to micafungin therapy. Of the other six patients with proven, probable or possible Aspergillus infection, four had complete response and one had partial response to micafungin treatment. No severe adverse events were observed.Conclusions:In this small series, micafungin was effective for IFI caused by both Candida and Aspergillus species and no severe adverse events were observed in these immunocompromised patients.

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