Using technology to improve adolescent healthcare

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Purpose of reviewTo provide an overview of current technologies available for use in a primary healthcare setting, common indications for their use, and their effects on clinical practice.Recent findingsTechnologies such as the internet and cell phones are an integral part of the daily lives of most adolescents. Many young people are comfortable using technology as part of their healthcare visits, especially when addressing sensitive issues. Over the past 5 years, a significant body of research has emerged introducing a variety of technologic modalities that screen for health-risk behaviors, educate patients about chronic diseases, promote preventive efforts, and provide interventions in the adolescent population. Findings suggest that integrating technology with clinical practice can improve quality of patient care.SummaryTechnology can be used as an effective medium for the delivery of health information and interventions in an efficient, organized, and effective manner. Sharing knowledge of innovative tools, systems and programs will help develop further interventions and strategies to ensure optimal healthcare in young people.

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