Maternal and Child Health Care Services in Albania

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Albania has one of the youngest populations among the European countries. Albania continues to be involved in a progressive improvement of standards for the protection and respect of children's rights to health. We describe the Albanian pediatric health system, with a particular focus on pediatric primary health care and, first access care, and the structure and staffing of health centers and women and children's consulting centers. Secondary and tertiary pediatric care and neonatal care are also described.The Albanian national laws approved during recent years have had a positive impact on the status of women and children; however, the outcomes seem to be insufficient because of the persistence of several negative socioeconomic factors. The Albanian Pediatric Society believes that the important and beneficial changes observed during the last 20 years should be further supported and implemented. In this regard, Albanian Pediatric Society is fully committed to developing initiatives described in this report and to join the efforts of international collaborative programs and studies aimed at improving the social and health conditions of Albanian children.

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