Parental Knowledge and Perspective In Pediatric Research

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Review of:Gunter, M.D., & Duke, G. (2018). Reducing uncertainty in families dealing with childhood cancers: An integrative literature review. Pediatric Nursing, 44(1), 21-37.Paymon, L.S., Riley, P., & Miller, B. (2018). Caregivers' perceptions of asthma control in children. Pediatric Nursing, 44(1), 17-20, 37.Santa Maria, D., Reagan, E., Markham, C., Guilamo-Ramos, V., & Cron, S. (2018). Feasibility and efficacy of a student-nursedelivered, parent-based sexual health curriculum in underserved communities: A pilot randomized-controlled trial. Pediatric Nursing, 44(1), 12-16.

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