Laser Light-Scattering Spectroscopy: Preliminary Results on Bioassay of Cystic Fibrosis Factor(s)

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The effect of 7 cystic fibrosis sera and 4 normal sera was investigated in 37 cultures of ciliated epithelium of the rabbit trachea. Serum was introduced in the Rose culture chambers in a concentration of 10% by volume. The frequency of ciliary beat was monitored by laser light-scattering spectroscopy. The results show that the response of cilia to sera can be well characterized by laser light scattering. Our preliminary evidence suggests that an early increase in the frequency of ciliary beat, followed by rapid arrest of ciliary activity, is a sensitive and characteristic response produced by cystic fibrosis serum, and not by normal serum.


The present work was aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of implementing an objective and quantifiable bioassay for cystic fibrosis factor(s). Laser light-scattering spectroscopy is applicable to detection and quantification of ciliary activity. The method may lead to improved bioassays for cystic fibrosis factor(s).

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