On the Technological Edge: Blinding Lights and Shadows
The Millennium : Twenty Influential Persons and Their Contributions to Medicine
Theodor Kocher, MD (1841-1917)
Transvaginal Paravaginal Repair : A Useful Adjunctive Procedure in Pelvic Relaxation Surgery
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The Incidence of Uterovaginal Prolapse After Pubovaginal Sling
Pelvic Masses in Women With Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Ovarian Carcinoma : Management After First-Line Therapy
Post-traumatic Vesicovaginal Fistula Following a Forced Intromission of the Finger to the Vagina
Bladder Stone Formation on an Intrauterine Contraceptive Device A Report of Two Cases Managed Endoscopically
A Practical Method for Removal of the Huge Benign Fibromyomatous Uterus Through the Vaginal Route
Renal Cell Carcinoma Drop Metastasis to the Left Spermatic Vein in a Patient With Prior Varicocele Ligation
Theodor Billroth : A Pioneer in Abdominal Surgery
The Bookwalter Retractor
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Commentaries on Selected Publications
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