Lemierre Syndrome: A Case Report

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Lemierre syndrome is a condition that can have high morbidity and mortality, but if it is diagnosed early in a patient's workup, that is, in the ED, the morbidity and mortality can be significantly decreased. First described by Dr Andre Lemierre in 1936, Lemierre syndrome is a clinical condition, which presents as septic emboli in the internal jugular vein after an untreated pharyngitis. This condition can have significant morbidity and mortality; therefore, although it is not common in today's era of antimicrobials, it should still be considered and thought of to prevent the significant consequences that may occur from it. In this article, we will present a child who was admitted for fever, neck pain, lymphadenopathy, and lung abscesses which was diagnosed as Lemierre syndrome. This syndrome will be discussed so as to heighten clinical awareness of it.

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