How Parents’ Lack of Awareness Could Be Associated With Foreign Body Aspiration in Children

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Foreign body aspiration (FBA) in preschool children is a worldwide challenging clinical problem that can result in life-threatening complications. Three cases of FBA in preschool children are presented. All the children were admitted to the hospital with asthma-like symptoms, without any aspiration history. Although FBA was considered in differential diagnosis, there was no strong evidence to support this diagnosis. The persistence of symptoms despite the appropriate treatment for the asthma symptoms was the main reason for the reconsideration of FBA. All of the children underwent bronchoscopy, with the successful removal of small organic food items from the main bronchi. The main cause of FBA was the parents’ lack of awareness concerning the risk of FBA when small organic food items are provided to preschool children. These cases demonstrate that some parents are unfamiliar with the risk of FBA when small organic food items are provided to their children. It is crucial to make it understood that consideration of FBA should be maintained throughout the clinical course of patients with an acute onset of respiratory symptoms, despite the initial lack of evidence to support this diagnosis, and that parental education about the causes and hazards of this condition may be the best preventive measure to decrease its incidence.

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