Telemedicine Applications for the Pediatric Emergency Medicine: A Review of the Current Literature

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The aim of this study was to review current literature relating to telemedicine in pediatric emergency medicine including its clinical applications and challenges associated with its implementation.


We reviewed the literature using standard search methods in accordance with preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and meta-analysis. We included the studies done in emergency settings for all age groups and narrowed our search to the articles that are relevant to “impact on quality of care” and “patient outcome.” We also described current telemedicine uses, software, hardware, and other requirements needed for pediatric emergency applications.


Telemedicine has a potential role in pediatric emergency medicine for real-time decision making to improve quality of care for children. Logistic and legal challenges exist for pediatric emergency medicine applications similar to its uses in other settings.


Current frameworks exist in the use of telemedicine for pediatric emergency medicine. Research is still needed to see whether clinical outcomes are improved with pediatric emergency telemedicine solutions. Practical issues regarding training, accessibility, and resource allocation should be explored as pediatric emergency telemedicine evolves.

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