Ewings Sarcoma: A Case of Respiratory Distress and Opacification That Was not Pneumonia

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The Ewing sarcoma family of tumors typically appears in the second decade of life with regional pain and swelling of a long bone. The following case presents a pediatric patient, aged 4 years, given a diagnosis of Ewing sarcoma of the rib with the initial presentation of respiratory distress, hypoxia, and pleural effusion. Respiratory distress accounts for a large majority of emergency department visits annually, so it is the distinct responsibility of the emergency department physician to avoid premature closure in attributing the most common diagnoses to account for the presenting symptoms. In this case, the careful study of the initial radiographic findings led to further identification and characterization of the mass through thoracic computed tomography to suggest Ewing sarcoma, despite the patient's unlikely demographics and presentation.

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