The Sugar Scoring System for the Bender-Gestalt Test: An Objective Approach That Reflects Clinical Judgment

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Although several objective scoring systems have been developed for use with the abbreviated form of the Bender-Gestalt test of visuomotor development (Figures A, 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8), each has been criticized as being inadequate in some way or other. This paper reviews the inadequacies of these systems as described in the literature and presents the results of a small study designed to investigate the psychometric properties of a new objective scoring system, recently proposed by Sugar, which incorporates both quantitative and qualitative perspectives. The new system is shown to be psychometrically sound in validity and reliability. Additional advantages are described. The new system is recommended as a good, if not better, alternative to other, existing methods for scoring the Bender-Gestalt test.

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