A novel D-leucine-containing Conus peptide: diverse conformational dynamics in the contryphan family
Fluoroalcohols as structure modifiers in peptides and proteins: hexafluoroacetone hydrate stabilizes a helical conformation of melittin at low pH
Synthesis and kinetics of cyclization of MHC class II-derived cyclic peptide vaccine for diabetes
Development of a photoreactive parathyroid hormone antagonist to probe antagonist-receptor bimolecular interaction
Design, synthesis and characterization of antimicrobial pseudopeptides corresponding to membrane-active peptide
The solution structure of uperin 3.6, an antibiotic peptide from the granular dorsal glands of the Australian toadlet, Uperoleia mjobergii
Synthesis and cytostatic activities of didemnin derivatives*
Effects of amounts of additives on peptide coupling mediated by a water-soluble carbodiimide in alcohols
Convenient preparation of [Orn(Tfa)2]- and [Orn(Boc)2, Orn(Tfa)2′]gramicidin S, versatile unsymmetrically protected derivatives of gramicidin S